He had honestly felt like shit. It had been a month since he landed and every day had been a series of setups, as it was when he went to a new place. He would analyze the physics of the area and hunt down any duplicates of himself. He was used to it at this point, and the body count was usually to the roof. Today he had an interesting lead, one that would allow him to continue his destructive hobby.

His name was Heike. He was about 6 foot tall. He wore a grey parka, the fur wrapping around his neck cozily to keep him warm. His eyes shined blue and his hair was a Sacramento shade of green.

He had been sitting in a small coffee shop at the base of Mount Shard for a few hours, looking for any peculiar faces. Nothing much had happened. A few skiers and some normal- looking women stopped for whatever fancy drink they could come up with this time, until a dark skinned man who looked to be in his mid-40s strolled inside. Deciding he had been loitering for long enough, Heike stood, waltzed over to the man’s table and sat down.

“Have you seen anything strange happen recently?”
The man was in the middle of sipping his coffee, and Heike had caught him off guard. He hesitated before glancing out the window for a moment and replying, “Well… I don’t want to go all ‘paranormal expert’ on you, but I saw something crash at the summit about a month ago.”

Heike had also seen it, on the day he arrived, and was investigating the mountain because of it. His suspicions were true.

Heike trudged forward in the deep snow near the summit of the mountain. A tedious climb was all it took to reach the peak. He could practically feel it before he even reached it. Buried deep within the snow was a luminescent, medium-sized crystal. The crystal had three solid circles, each descending in size, burned onto one of its edges. It was bluish in color, but was overall very clear.

He took in a sharp breath as he stared at the crystal. Impatiently, Heike began to get to work. He shoveled away at the snow until his hands were numb, not stopping for a single second.

As he grabbed the crystal, he felt a tremendous shock surge through his body. Acquiring this crystal meant chaos, and he knew that. He just simply did not care. Though, as he looked up, he remembered the dangers of interacting with artifacts such as this. He had only done it once before and its effects were what led him here in the first place.

As he looked forward he began to make out small, dark figures in the snow like a pack of animals, though somehow more menacing. As they closed in on him he could slowly begin to make out their shape: Small, black entities that were comprised of organized, blocky smoke. Heike ran to the edge, picking up the climbing axe he had used to scale the mountain not 5 minutes ago.

At this point Heike could completely make out the entities, their pure white eyes that seemed to be only a hole in their structure, matching the color of the snow. As they charged forward, intending to strike him like a feral beast, he swung the axe, slashing through the small group and watching as they disintegrated. He looked down at his axe, and began to walk back home.